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Artist statement

In the transmission from experience into memory, your recollection runs a slope on its way to your memory bank, slip and sliding inaccuracies along the way. I analyze these in-congruencies in my personal memory to understand how experience is translated into memory, as I translate memory into visual form. My paintings are full of these flops and flubs between truth and fiction. I sometimes become enamored of a story or place and spend months delving into it visually, pulling apart the visual material and recreating the memory with paint on canvas. 

Memories are installed in layers, memories made of complex experiences of the senses that transform over time. I draw from my own memories, experiences and travels to create works that are authentic onto myself, but that can be explored and expanded upon by my audience. Memory is a remnant of the fabric of experience. My paintings are mere flashes of an attempt to weave, reweave and stitch past experience into visual form.

With your memories of yesterday, can you make today measure up to tomorrow?